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Every project is different, so we price everything on an individual basis. We offer you a complete bid, detailing exactly what we will do. All of our quotes are accurate and affordable.

Tree Skirting/Raising

We will raise the canopy and cut lower limbs of a tree. This provides clearance for buildings, vehicles, pedestrians, and vistas.


This is the selective removal of branches to increase light penetration and air movement through the crown. Thinning opens the foliage of a tree, reduces weight on heavy limbs, and helps retain the tree’s natural shape. This procedure is also referred to as Windsailing.

Tree Removal

Our tree removal methods vary depending on the circumstances. Sometimes, we can easily remove a tree where it stands. However, most of the time we’ve found that a tree will need to be scaled by a climber, who will take it down in parts.

Tree Trimming/Pruning

We will trim back branches to allow proper growth and also remove any dangerous limbs. We clean the inner canopy of secondary growth and dead limbs. This stops the tree from blowing over. Also, we will clean out the sucker growth and deadwood. Throughout the summer, tree trims ought to be limited to a maximum of twenty percent.


We reduce the size of a tree, often for clearance for utility lines. Reducing the height or spread of a tree is best accomplished by pruning back the leaders and branch terminals to lateral branches that are large enough to assume the terminal roles (at least one-third the diameter of the cut stem). Compared to topping, reduction helps maintain the form and structural integrity.

Stump Grinding

We will grind the stump and outlying roots left from any tree removal service we perform. This is an added service at an additional charge.


This is the removal of dead, dying, diseased, crowded, weakly attached and low-vigor branches from the crown of a tree.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

We provide immediate response for fallen limbs and trees. And we will work with you and your insurance agent to handle storm damage clean-up.

Usually we only need to trim limbs off of existing trees.  Maybe there are a few branches overhanging the house or it provides too much shade. Timber Tigers NW Tree Service can help you maintain the health of your trees and prune them back so they will thrive.

Timber Tigers NW Tree Service specializes in the expert removal and care of unwanted or dangerous trees, branches and limbs. We serve King, Snohomish and Pierce counties with affordable rates. We are a licensed professional operation, equipping our team with up to date equipment. Our experienced tree service professionals work to remove or trim trees with no impact on the rest of your property.